About us

FINSAFE is a single family office of the Grischenkov family, a family originating from the former Kazakhstan, whose entrepreneurial roots were in the industrial mining business and date back to 1956. The family office in Germany was established in 2019.

On the investment side, a dedicated investment team has since pursued a national investment approach diversified across different asset classes, based on the model of U.S. university endowments. FINSAFE follows the basic idea of responsible investing.

What is important for us

Trusting and long-term business relationships

Straightforward and consistent behavior in every respect

Striving for growth and the highest quality


Investment selection is made according to the three main criteria

For each investment, we assess the future expected return, the associated risk, and the impact on the environment and society. Investments should offer the best possible ratio of these three criteria.

Every future investment undergoes an intensive due diligence process and is checked against our criteria. The valuation is merged into an investment grid.

Return on investment

Fundamental strength with value-added potential


Actively created positive impact on environment and society


Long-term stable political environment without tail risks, pool of investor and liquidity taker.

Strategy Asset Allocation

Our portfolio management focuses on the asset classes of real estate, private equity and commodities.


We want to bring about positive change...

FINSAFE sees sustainability as the existential responsibility we must face as active investors.

We feel a sense of responsibility and have summarized our provisions in the FINSAFE ESG Policy. In doing so, we start with ourselves. We will continuously expand our impact activities and use all our strength as an investor to secure this world as a sustainable environment for present and future generations.

We look for investments that actively generate a positive impact. We define impact as the trifecta that the manager achieves in relation to the environment, climate and society.

We expect all our partners to live up to their responsibilities. We expect our managers to make the best possible active, positive impact as part of their strategy.


Wassili Grischenkow

CEO / Head of Portfolio Management / Banking Professional (IHK)